Embracing the Magic of October: Pumpkin Drawing with my Toddler

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October is a special month. The air is crisp, the leaves are painted in fiery hues, and there's an undeniable feeling of excitement in the atmosphere as we approach Halloween. As a mom, I'm always on the lookout for simple yet delightful ways to celebrate this enchanting season with my almost 3-year-old toddler boy. This year, our October adventure began with a heartwarming activity that filled our home with joy, creativity, and pumpkin-themed smiles.

A Simple Idea Blossoms

One sunny October afternoon, I decided to introduce my little one to the world of art. What better canvas than a plump, bright orange pumpkin? I placed a play mat on the floor, along with a pumpkin and a couple of Woody 3-in-1 colored pencils. My toddler's eyes grew wide with curiosity as he saw the pumpkin sitting there, waiting to be transformed into something magical. With a reassuring smile, I encouraged him to pick up a colored pencil and begin.

Scribbles, Smiles, and Pumpkin Joy

As we started drawing on our pumpkin, my son's tiny hand holding the colored pencil moved with an innocence and enthusiasm that only a child possesses. His strokes were wild scribbles, but they were *his* scribbles, and they brought an enormous grin to his face. I couldn't help but smile back at him as he created his masterpiece.

"Mama, look! It's a happy pumpkin!" he exclaimed, his voice bubbling with excitement. I could hear the joy in his words and see it in his eyes.

We continued to draw together, our pumpkin taking on a life of its own. My toddler asked me to help and I added a smiling face with big, round eyes and a goofy grin, which made our pumpkin look as happy as he did. In that simple moment, as we shared a creative journey, our hearts felt deeply connected.

The Joy of Simplicity

What struck me the most during this activity was the sheer joy that radiated from my little one. There were no elaborate crafts, no expensive materials, just a pumpkin and some colored pencils, but the happiness that this simple pumpkin-drawing project brought was immeasurable. We weren't creating a work of art to be displayed in a gallery; we were crafting memories, a tangible reminder of our special time together.

In the eyes of a toddler, the world is filled with wonder, and even the most ordinary things can become extraordinary when seen through their lens. I was reminded once again that it's not the complexity of the activity but the quality of the moments spent together that truly matters.

Capturing the Magic

As we finished our pumpkin masterpiece, my toddler proudly held it up, and I snapped a quick picture to capture the moment. I couldn't help but think that this simple drawing, with its happy pumpkin and colorful scribbles, was a reflection of our October joy. It was a visual reminder of the love and happiness that filled our home that day.

Our pumpkin drawing has found a special place on our play room, serving as a daily reminder of the magic of October and the happiness that can be found in the simplest of activities. Every time we pass by it, my son points at it with glee, and we reminisce about our wonderful time together.

Let’s celebrate mindfully

Celebrating October with a toddler can be a magical experience. It doesn't require extravagant plans or elaborate decorations. Sometimes, all it takes is a pumpkin, and a handful of colored pencils, crayons, or markers to create memories that will last a lifetime. The joy in my toddler's eyes as we drew our pumpkin is a reminder that the most precious moments are often the simplest ones.

So, this October, I encourage you to embrace the magic of the season with your little one. Create your own simple activities, capture those joyful moments, and savor the beauty of this enchanting time of year. Who knows, you might find happiness in the scribbles of a pumpkin and the smiles of your little one, just as I did.


Within the gentle embrace of October's enchantment, the story of our pumpkin-drawing adventure unfolded as a testament to the transformative power of play in early childhood development. This simple yet heartwarming activity became a canvas for nurturing wonder and curiosity in my almost 3-year-old.

As we explore the layers of joy, creativity, and connection embedded in this delightful October memory, I invite parents, caretakers, and early childhood educators to join me in understanding how each playful moment with a pumpkin and colored pencils becomes a doorway to building confidence and joy in our young learners.

Scribbles, Smiles, and Pumpkin Joy

The canvas of a bright orange pumpkin, adorned with the wild scribbles of my toddler's colored pencil strokes, became a stage for self-expression and creativity. In these seemingly random lines, he discovered the joy of making something uniquely his own. Each stroke, a celebration of his individuality, nurtured his fine motor skills while fostering a sense of pride in the act of creation. The happiness emanating from his words and eyes was a testament to the profound impact that simple, unstructured creativity can have on a young mind.

The Joy of Simplicity

What stood out during our pumpkin-drawing activity was the sheer delight radiating from my little one. In a world often adorned with complexities, this simple project with a pumpkin and colored pencils offered a profound lesson—the joy of simplicity. Our creation wasn't destined for a gallery; it was a living, breathing memory, a testament to the quality of moments spent together. It affirmed that the richness of childhood experiences lies not in elaborate crafts but in the shared joy of the journey, reinforcing the idea that simplicity can be a powerful catalyst for early childhood development.

Capturing the Magic

The act of capturing our pumpkin masterpiece in a photograph became a unique layer of the learning experience. Beyond the visual documentation, it became a tangible reflection of our shared joy. My toddler's pride in holding up his creation and the subsequent reminiscing solidified the connection between the physical and the emotional realms. This play with photography not only cultivated his awareness of capturing moments but also served as a tool for revisiting and cherishing memories—a practice that can empower young learners to appreciate the value of reflection and storytelling.

Let’s celebrate mindfully

The closing sentiment of celebrating October mindfully extends beyond the pumpkin-drawing activity. It echoes the philosophy that joyous experiences with young learners need not be grandiose; they can be as simple as a pumpkin and a handful of colored pencils. The call to embrace the magic of the season encourages parents, caretakers, and educators to infuse everyday activities with mindfulness, fostering a deeper connection with the wonders around us. As we celebrate October with intention, let us remember that the most precious moments often emerge from the simplest gestures, echoing the sentiment that true magic lies in the everyday discoveries of childhood.

In cultivating these playful moments, we sow the seeds of wonder and curiosity, nurturing the hearts and minds of our young explorers with confidence and joy. This October, let the simplicity of a pumpkin and colored pencils become a vessel for creating lifelong memories and fostering a love for learning that resonates through the seasons of early childhood development.

With love and gratitude,

Anne Wesley

October 2023

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