Celebrating San Francisco Fleet Week: A Toddler's Joyful Flight

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As a mom, one of the most treasured aspects of parenthood is sharing moments of wonder and excitement with my toddler. At almost three years old, my little boy's curiosity knows no bounds, and he's ready to explore the world, one adventure at a time. So, when San Francisco Fleet Week came around, I saw it as the perfect opportunity to introduce him to the world of soaring aircraft and the joy of creating his own "fleet."

Setting the Stage

San Francisco Fleet Week is a spectacular event, known for its thrilling air shows featuring the Blue Angels, the iconic Navy flight demonstration squadron. This year, I decided to bring the magic of Fleet Week into our home in a simple yet meaningful way.

I started by printing out a breathtaking photo of four Blue Angels jets soaring over the majestic Golden Gate Bridge. I wanted my toddler to experience the grandeur of the event and instill a sense of awe and appreciation for these incredible flying machines.

Mindful Observation

We began our adventure by sitting down together with the photo spread out in front of us. I gently guided my little one's attention to the image, encouraging him to observe every detail. His eyes widened as he gazed at the graceful jets soaring through the brilliant blue sky. We talked about the colors, the numbers, the speed, and how it felt to watch something so amazing. In those moments, I felt a deep connection as we shared a profound appreciation for the wonders of the world.

Creating Our Own Fleet

After our mindful observation, I introduced the next part of our Fleet Week adventure. I handed my toddler a pair of safety scissors and watched as his eyes lit up with excitement. His small hands grasped the scissors, and with the utmost concentration, he began cutting out the Blue Angels jets from the photo.

It was a task that required careful precision, and I was amazed at how well he handled it. As he snipped away, he chatted excitedly about the jets, sharing his enthusiasm with me. I could see the sense of accomplishment in his eyes as he proudly held up his newly cut-out fleet.

Watching and Waiting

As Fleet Week events were happening in the city, we could hear the distant rumble of aircraft overhead. Every time a jet flew by, my toddler's eyes filled with anticipation and joy. We sat by the window, peering up at the sky, waiting for those awe-inspiring moments when the aircraft soared above our house. It was a time of pure wonder, as we shared in the thrill of the moment, often with his little fingers pointing up in sheer delight.

Creating Our Imaginary Fleet

To enhance the experience, I decided to introduce a fun and creative activity. We looked up instructions on YouTube on how to fold colorful paper jets. It was a simple craft project, but it brought immense joy to my toddler. With me folding the paper jets following the instructions step by step, he just sat next to me trying to imitate what I was doing.

His face beamed with happiness as he held the paper creation in his hands. It was a moment of pride, knowing that Mama had made him his very own jet, ready to take to the skies.

Soaring with Delight

With our paper jets in hand, it was time to let our imaginations take flight. My toddler ran around the house, swooping his paper jet through the air, mimicking the flying movements of the Blue Angels. The room echoed with his laughter, and the pure delight in his eyes was contagious. As we engaged in this simple but incredibly fun activity, I couldn't help but smile, cherishing the joyous moments we were creating together.

Joyful Moments and Fond Memories

San Francisco Fleet Week had brought an abundance of joy into our home. From mindful observation to creative crafting and joyful play, it was a series of moments that I will forever hold dear. My toddler's excitement and anticipation as we watched the flying displays overhead, his pride in cutting out the Blue Angels, and the laughter that filled our home as we flew our paper jets—it was a celebration of simplicity and the boundless wonder of childhood.

As a mom, these are the moments that I treasure the most. I am reminded that joy doesn't always require grand gestures; it can be found in the simplest of activities and the shared experiences that create lasting memories. This Fleet Week, my toddler and I created our own magical moments, and I can't wait for the many more adventures that await us on this beautiful journey of parenthood.


In the tapestry of parenthood, the thread of wonder weaves an enchanting narrative. The shared moments of joy and exploration with my almost three-year-old during San Francisco Fleet Week became more than just cherished memories—they unfolded as a testament to the transformative power of play and wonder in early childhood development.

As we embarked on a journey of mindful observation, creative crafting, and joyful play, each activity became a stepping stone, nurturing my son's curiosity and fostering a deep connection between us.

These simple yet profound experiences opened my eyes to the boundless potential that purposeful play holds in shaping a child's understanding of the world. In this exploration, I invite fellow parents, caretakers, and early childhood educators to join me in uncovering the enriching layers of learning that lie within each playful moment, empowering our young learners with confidence and joy.

Mindful Observation

Our adventure commenced with a breathtaking photo, inviting us into the world of the Blue Angels. Through mindful observation, my son not only developed visual acuity but also engaged in rich conversations about colors, numbers, and the sheer amazement of witnessing these flying marvels. This simple act of gazing at an image became a gateway for cultivating his observational skills, sparking a sense of wonder and appreciation for the wonders around him.

Creating Our Own Fleet

Handing my toddler safety scissors to cut out the Blue Angels from the photo was more than a craft; it was a lesson in precision and fine motor skills. As he navigated the delicate task with excitement, the sense of accomplishment in successfully creating his own fleet was palpable. This activity not only honed his motor skills but also instilled a sense of pride and mastery, laying the groundwork for future challenges.

Watching and Waiting

The anticipation and joy sparked by the distant rumble of aircraft overhead during Fleet Week created a unique bonding experience. Our shared moments of waiting, watching, and pointing to the sky became a lesson in patience and the thrill of anticipation. It reinforced the notion that learning is not confined to structured activities but can blossom in the everyday moments of shared excitement.

Creating Our Imaginary Fleet

Introducing a creative activity of folding colorful paper jets added a layer of imagination to our Fleet Week celebration. The collaborative process of crafting these paper jets taught my son to follow instructions, promoting cognitive development. As he held his paper creation, it became a tangible representation of his ability to learn new skills, fostering a sense of capability and eagerness for exploration.

Soaring with Delight

With our paper jets in hand, the room echoed with laughter as my toddler soared through the house, mimicking the flying movements of the Blue Angels. This playful activity not only encouraged physical movement but also ignited imaginative play, fostering creativity and self-expression. In these moments of unbridled joy, I witnessed the transformative power of play, as my son's laughter echoed the pure delight of childhood exploration.

Joyful Moments and Fond Memories

Reflecting on our Fleet Week celebration, it's clear that joy doesn't always demand grand gestures. From mindful observation to creative crafting and joyful play, each activity became a vessel for learning and connection. My toddler and I crafted memories that transcended the event itself, emphasizing the invaluable role of play in early childhood development. These simple yet impactful moments are a reminder to parents, caretakers, and educators that the journey of learning is woven into the fabric of everyday experiences, waiting to be discovered with confidence and joy.

With love and gratitude,

Anne Wesley

October 2023

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