Peace of Mind while Traveling

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We always like the minimal, clean design and try to reflect that into all of our products. This Personalized Reversible Leather Luggage Tag is designed to accommodate more details as you can engrave on both sides, and it also stays flat no matter what.

Usually, customers would want to put their names big in the front, and their details like address, phone or email on the back. 

This Personalized Reversible Leather Luggage Tag is a great gift for newlyweds for their honeymoon, a 3rd Anniversary Gift for a traveling couple, a graduation gift for a new graduate who is ready for new adventures, or even just a beautiful gift for yourself for your next coming trip.

This Personalized Reversible Leather Luggage Tag is made out of a single piece of European Vegetable Tanned Leather that we engrave, cut, fold and glue it together. 

We use premium, non-toxic, water-based adhesive, which is specifically designed for the manufacturers of fine leather goods. It has an amazingly strong contact and utilizes the same basic application methods as solvent based. 

Some customers asked without any stitching, how strong our glue can hold the pieces together. I'd say once the adhesive is dried, it strongly bonds the leather and it'd need a lot of effort trying to separate the pieces. 

The Personalized Reversible Luggage Tag comes with a Stainless Steel Wire that is strong and durable, great for all of your adventures.

Custom Made. Leather Goods.

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