Uptown Oakland

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Uptown Oakland is a pretty new neighborhood and boasted to be one of the most popular art and entertainment districts in Oakland. The area features Art Deco buildings, indie boutiques, new restaurants and also art galleries. 

Uptown Oakland or The Uptown is a neighborhood in Downtown Oakland, California. Its boundaries are ill-defined, but most definitions include the area between 27th Street to the north, San Pablo Avenue to the west, City Center to the south, and Harrison St to the east. The neighborhood has become an important entertainment district in recent years. [source: wikipedia]

It's Labor Day and we had a really short walk around the area trying to find a juice bar. Unfortunately, we could not find it. So, we just walked around and took some pictures instead.

As it's a public holiday, office buildings around here were closed and we barely saw anyone walking around. Even the streets were so empty that I could snap the shot of the street with no cars.

We passed by Bicycle Coffee Co. and Curry Up Now, just took some photos but we will definitely come back later, maybe during the weekday to see some crowd :)

See you again The Uptown!

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Bicycle Coffee Co. delivers their coffee beans by bike and that's where the name came from. Their coffee beans are sustainably sourced from around the world and locally roasted. It has operated since 2009 and currently has 3 stores in Oakland, 1 store in Los Angeles and 3 stores in Tokyo, Japan. This location in Uptown Oakland also has a courtyard in the back that you can sit and relax outdoor. The best part is they offer free coffee every Friday, just drop in and enjoy!

The Bicycle Coffee Company, since 2009.

Organic coffee, locally roasted, delivered by bicycle.



Curry Up Now offers Indian Street Food with a twist and currently have 7 locations including 6 restaurants and several food trucks. You can update their food truck schedule on their website.


Think tikka masala burritos, deconstructed samosas and sexy fries. We take traditional Indian flavors and present them in a friendly, recognizable way. Our obsession is amazing tasting food, but we’re just as passionate about making sure our guests have an incredible experience the moment they walk through our doors or step in line at our food trucks.


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