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Posted by Anne Wesley on

The idea of an Old-School Leather Book Strap is always fascinating to me and Craig. So, we decided to modernize the design and make it a statement piece that everyone can use it stylishly.  

This Personalized Leather Book Strap or iPad Holder is a perfect gift for book lovers or anyone who want a unique piece of work that will make you stand out from the crowd.

With our Leather Book Strap, you can bring your books or even iPad around hand-free without the need to carrying the strap. It works like a crossbody that you can put on your shoulder and put it on your side or on your back. The leather strap is adjustable to perfectly fit you.

Our leather is European Vegetable Tanned Leather in Natural color that will develop a natural patina over the time. We cut and engrave the leather pieces, glued them together and stitched by hand using Saddle Stitching Method. 

We believe that everyone deserves something custom made for them. So, everything is custom made to order, just for you, to create something that is truly yours and ethically yours.

Custom Made. Leather Goods.

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