THE BLUE BULL 0008 : Modern Feng Shui - Canvas / Fine Art Print

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Size 8x10 inches

In traditional Chinese mythology, the blue bull is associated with the god of agriculture and wealth, which makes it a powerful symbol of prosperity and abundance. It is also believed that the blue bull can help to attract wealth and abundance by increasing one's income, business opportunities, and financial stability.

The blue bull is also considered to be a powerful symbol of masculinity and is often used to enhance the energy of the male figures in a household.

Furthermore, the blue bull is often seen as a symbol of protection and is believed to be able to protect the home and its inhabitants from harm and negative energy. Additionally, it is said to be able to help one overcome obstacles and overcome difficulties.

In summary, the blue bull is associated with good luck, financial success, protection, masculinity, abundance, and power in Chinese feng shui.

Inspired by the power of art to open up our minds, RiiMind ART is original modern fine art created by Craig Wesley, bringing in stories and experiences across space and time to inspire wonder and curiosity, and connect us to something bigger than ourselves.


• Designed and printed in our studio in San Francisco Bay Area, USA
• Available in 3 materials: Fine art cotton rag paper, Premium cotton canvas, Luster photo paper (details below)
• Available in 2 sizes: 8x10”, 11x14” (borderless)

ONE print only, the frame is not included

Please note that the actual print colors may vary slightly from those you see on your screen.

• 310gsm museum quality cotton rag paper in natural white color.
• Made with 100% cotton rag paper that is mould made to simulate the ancient, traditional, handmade paper-making process to create beautiful fine art papers with the individual character of handmade papers.
• Features a matte finish and soft-grain texture. With acid-free, gallery and museum quality for longevity and archival performance, this paper creates a beautiful and timeless keepsake for years to come.

• 340gsm gallery quality premium cotton canvas in white color.
• Made with 100% cotton fabric, this medium weighted cotton canvas is lightly textured and waterproof coated for increased scratch and damage resistance.
• With acid-free and archival quality, it creates a beautiful and timeless keepsake, giving your space a classier and more elegant appearance.

• 290gsm professional-quality luster photo paper.
• With a luster finish providing an elegant surface that resists fingerprints and virtually eliminates glare, this premium smooth photo paper is reminiscent of traditional resin coated papers used in darkrooms, with exceptional gallery quality and longevity.