Your Business Card Holder. Your Personality.

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Often times, the business card is the first thing, beyond yourself, that people see about your business. It reflects not only yourself, your organization but also the overall personality of your brand. As important as your business cards, your business card holder can say a lot about you too!

If you love the feminine, beautiful design and want something personalized with your personal or business name, nothing would be better than our Personalized Tropical Leather Card & Key Wallet, beautifully made with Vegetable Tanned Leather in Natural Vachetta or British Tan color. Not only it can carry up to 10 business cards plus some keys, it also comes with our beautiful tropical leaf engraving and of course you get to personalize it on the strap whatever you like.

As always, everything is made-to-order, one piece at a time, in our small studio in the USA and sold exclusively online direct-to-consumer to ensure minimal waste in the production and no waste of unwanted products left behind in the landfills. Until now, more thousands of Anne Wesley’s products have been handcrafted consciously and will keep going.

Custom Made. Leather Goods.

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