Small Change. Big Impact.

Posted by Anne Wesley on

”Everyone can do simple things to make a difference, and every little bit really does count.” - Stella McCartney

If you use cash, I’m sure you get change every single day. I used to throw all coins into my bag as my wallet didn’t have a coin holder. Then what happened was I could not get to use any of them as they scattered around in my bag. I ended up having so many coins that I could feel the weight. To get rid of the coins, I basically had to remove everything in my bag, picked up each coin one by one, put them in my coin jar, then got everything else back into my bag. This loop has been continued forever until... I got my separate coin purse.

With a coin purse, I can put the change all in one place and use them when needed. When it’s full, I just dropped the whole purse into my coin jar and that’s it!

Believe it or not, now I feel much more organized and be in control of my life.

Often it’s the small changes that make a big impact in your life. It’s the small changes that make a big difference. It’s the small changes that eventually add up to huge results just like the small change that can quickly add up to your savings.

Small change really does have a big impact, at least for me. That’s my story. What’s yours?

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