One Simple Trick to Make Your Airbnb Space More Unique

Posted by Craig Wesley on

As a former Airbnb "superhost,"where I maintained nearly a perfect 5-star rating during my tenure, I can say from experience that creating an inviting space isn't easy for everyone. These days, it's not only about creating an inviting space, but also creating a "unique experience."

By far the easiest trick I found to creating a more unique space was through wall art, but I don't mean the wall art you find at discount big box retailers like, Ross, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, etc or even at stores like Cost Plus World Market. I can't tell you how many times I've seen those mass manufactured wall art hung up at mom and pop restaurants trying to do their best job at decorating.

In our case, because I was a serious hobbyist photographer, we printed large prints from my own library and framed them. In another room, I retrieved vintage oil paintings that my mom and dad sold in 1970s that fortunately were timeless in nature and I still haven't seen elsewhere.

A clean and minimalist space is generally "good enough" to providing a positive guest experience, but using art is by far the easiest way to add personality to your Airbnb space. Art can be an excellent tool to make a room more unique and add a personal touch to the space. Here are a few ways you can use art to transform a room:

  1. Create a focal point: Hang a large painting or photograph on a wall to create a focal point in the room. This can be a great way to draw attention to a particular area and add visual interest.

  2. Use color: Incorporate colorful artwork to add a pop of color to the room. This can be particularly effective in spaces with neutral or monochromatic color schemes.

  3. Mix and match: Experiment with different types of artwork, such as paintings, sculptures, and photographs, to create an eclectic mix that reflects your personal style.

  4. Play with scale: Use oversized art pieces to make a statement in a room. This can be particularly effective in large, open spaces.

  5. Incorporate personal touches: Use art to showcase your personality and interests. This could include hanging family photographs, displaying your own artwork, or incorporating pieces that relate to your hobbies and passions.

Overall, art can be a powerful tool to make a room more unique and reflective of your personal style. Experiment with different types of art and find pieces that speak to you and make you happy.

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