Traveling with DSLR camera comfortably

Posted by Anne Wesley on

Craig and I love traveling and we always bring DSLR cameras with us. The best way to carry heavy cameras around without feeling tired is to have it on our shoulder instead of the neck. And that's how we were inspired to create a Leather Camera Sling.

Not only the Leather Camera Sling Crossbody Strap helps with the weight balance, you can also grab the camera to shoot much quicker too.

This Leather Camera Sling Crossbody Strap is made out of the European Vegetable Tanned Leather in Natural color. The strap is adjustable up to 60" in length but if you need it longer, we can always customize it for you too. You can put your personalization on the shoulder pad. It comes with one screw to connect at the bottom of your camera and one set of safety tether.

This Leather Camera Sling Crossbody Strap also works well with smaller cameras as you can attach the screw to all of them too.

Custom Made. Leather Goods.

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