A Local's Guide to Alameda's Best Eats

Posted by Craig Wesley on

Alameda's culinary scene is as diverse as its community, offering an array of dishes that span continents. From cozy neighborhood spots to trendy eateries, here are some local favorites that promise an authentic taste of the world.

Favorite Chinese Takeout for Value

  • Little Joe's Express: Owned by Carmen and her husband, Little Joe's epitomizes the neighborhood Chinese restaurant, offering comfort food that makes you feel right at home.
  • Dragon Village: Known for delivering the best bang for your buck, Dragon Village is a go-to for satisfying your Chinese food cravings without breaking the bank.

Favorite Dim Sum

  • Chef's Wok & Pacific Lighthouse: While East Ocean is often the go-to for many, Chef's Wok and Pacific Lighthouse hold a special place for those in search of genuine Chinese Dim Sum. Chef's Wok is known for its authenticity, appealing to diners looking for traditional dishes. Pacific Lighthouse, on the other hand, offers an upscale experience with its breathtaking views of the estuary, making it a prime spot for those seeking both flavor and ambiance.

Favorite Mexican

  • El Caballo Wraps: A true neighborhood gem for locals and visiting tradesmen alike, offering hearty wraps that hit the spot.
  • Cholita Linda: Trendy yet solid in its culinary offerings, Cholita Linda serves up Mexican cuisine that consistently impresses.

Favorite Japanese

  • Yojimbo: For value and quality, Yojimbo stands out. Their Tempura Appetizer, a favorite of my wife, is generously portioned and can easily feed three.

Favorite Thai

  • Up 2u Thai Eatery: Endorsed by my wife, Anne, who grew up in Thailand, Up 2u offers authentic Thai flavors that truly resonate with us, although recent changes in ownership might have affected consistency.

Favorite Vietnamese

  • Rang Dong: Our top pick for Vietnamese pho, offering genuine flavors that bring a taste of Vietnam to Alameda. Close behind is Pho Anh Dao, known for its authenticity and quality.

Favorite Boba

  • Top Up Tea: Although we've cut back on sugar, Top Up Tea is our go-to for special occasions, offering a wide selection of flavors and the perfect treat for birthdays.

Favorite Korean

  • BB Bowl: When craving Korean on the island, we opt for BB Bowl for its fast-casual approach and value. While there are traditional Korean BBQ options in Alameda, BB Bowl fits our preference for non-meat dishes.

Favorite Bakery

  • Firebrand: Located on the old base, Firebrand was our go-to for the Matcha and Almond Croissants, Blueberry Scone, and Gruyere Pretzel Bomb. However, due to my son's cashew allergy, we've had to pause our visits.

Favorite Pizza

  • Domino's on Lincoln Ave: While it may not be a popular choice, Domino's offers a value that's hard to beat compared to other local options, which often don't match the quality and price point of favorites like Dimond Slice or Cheeseboard.

Other Notable Mentions

  • Phnom Penh House: The best Cambodian food on Webster Street, family-run and always welcoming.
  • Burma Superstar: A popular choice on Park St, known for its vibrant flavors.
  • Burgers: While In-n-out offers unbeatable value, Alameda also boasts gourmet options like Bureau 510 and Scolari's, both of which have received media attention for their quality.

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