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Beautiful. Ethical. Personal.

ANNE WESLEY is a leather goods company from the San Francisco Bay Area and we're ready to make a positive mark on the industry. While the majority of the fashion industry is focused on making items faster, cheaper, and for the masses, Anne Wesley is making items responsibly with care, premium materials, and for the individual customer.

Beautifully designed, lovingly handcrafted

We believe in effortless style that stay classy over time. We design and handcraft everything with love and care to deliver the beautiful craftsmanship to you.

Ethically Made, Nothing Wasted

All items are made-to-order. Nothing is cut or sewn before an order is placed by a customer, minimizing "fashion waste" and truly making each item unique.

Everything is Handmade in the San Francisco Bay Area, which means sweatshop free and a fair wage. Not only handmade, but also hand sewn using a traditional stitching technique called Saddle Stitching, which is stronger than any machine stitch.

Personally Yours, Creatively Yours

Customers can personalize almost all items with a name, quote, logo, etc. All our items are given as gifts, either for loved ones or as a truly personal gift for oneself.




Custom handmade, just for you!

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