Our Leather

Premium Vegetable Tanned Leather

Before a cowhide is turned into leather, it must go through a process known as tanning. While there are several methods of tanning a cowhide, almost 90% of the world's leathers are tanned using chromium salts, which is toxic to the environment and has been known to cause cancer to those working with it. Nonetheless, it is the cheapest method and therefore the most widely used.

Meanwhile, only 10% of the world's leather is tanned using vegetable matter, such as tree bark. It is a technique that is natural, eco-friendly, and extremely labor intensive, but produces a superior result. While the chrome tanned process takes as little as one day, the vegetable tanning process takes anywhere from six weeks to six months and costs up to six times.

The only type of cow leather Anne Wesley uses is vegetable tanned and your item will arguably be made with one of the finest and most expensive leathers available in the world.

"Nude" Vegetable Tanned Leather

Natural or "Nude" Vegetable Tanned Leather is vegetable tanned leather that has not been dyed; the color is truly natural. Unfinished veg-tanned leather has gained popularity because of the unique and distinctive character that develops with use and time, which cannot be replicated with chromium tanned leather. Natural Vegetable Tanned Leather will slowly develop a patina, turning into a beautiful glossy tan color, and resulting in a truly unique piece of leather.

Wickett & Craig Vegetable Tanned Leather

Founded in 1867, Wickett & Craig is one of the oldest tanneries in the USA, making the finest vegetable tanned leather in Pennsylvania. In fact, one of Wickett & Craig's largest customers is Louis Vuitton.

We use unfinished Wickett & Craig Tooling Leather, as well as Wickett & Craig "English" Bridle Vegetable Tanned Leather, available in black and four different shades of brown; tan, chestnut, medium brown, and dark brown.

Horween Essex

Dating back to 1905, Horween Leather Company is arguably one of the most well-known leather tanneries in the world and based in Chicago, Illinois. While most vegetable tanned leathers are fairly rigid, Horween has managed to make one of the most supple vegetable tanned leathers available. Unlike Wickett & Craig "English" Bridle, Horween Essex is also available in colors like orange and blue. 

Buttero Vegetable Tanned Leather

Possibly the most luxurious of our leather offerings, Buttero is tanned by the Conceria Walpier Tannery in Italy, while their cow hides are imported from France. Buttero offers the widest range of colors and comes with a smooth finish. The touch is more supple than the Wickett & Craig "English" Bridle, but more firm than Horween Essex.

Fish Skin Leather

Colorful Tilapia Fish Skin Leather

Our most exotic offering comes in the form of Tilapia and Salmon Fish Skin Leather. Not only having a truly luxurious look and feel, but also being 9x stronger than lamb or cow leather in similar thickness, Fish Skin Leather is highly sought-after among top designers including Jimmy Choo, Christian Dior, and Ferragamo.

While fish leather currently accounts for less than 1% of total global leather sales, the United Nation's Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) is promoting its increasing production as a means to boost the incomes of fishing communities around the world. Thus, Fish Skin Leather maybe the future of sustainable leather.